Madison Young and “…that buttery feeling…”

Madison Young in the Training of O

It’s one of the questions I hear most from non-kinky people:

Why?” Why would anyone want to have these horrible painful things done to them? Why would anyone want to serve someone else in what the rest of the world sees as degrading or debasing ways?

Well, in terms of service, a friend of mine (who is, hands down, the best service submissive I’ve ever seen, and that’s without ever actually seeing her in formal service) said it best: “I like helping people who are good at what they do be better.” I got just a taste of that as she spent some time with me in Madison; not just of her anticipating my needs, but fulfilling them gracefully and unobtrusively. She had the magic touch of handing me my keys, for example, when I was about to frantically search for them…and hand them to me in a way that did not make me feel like an idiot for losing them in the first place.

Or let’s take suspension play. The picture above will take you to a page of photos from’s “The Training of O” series, which is about the development of a Master/slave relationship through very serious training. Yes, there are sexual elements to this, but if you’re only seeing the nekkid chick, you’re not paying very close attention. Madison Young, the subject of this particular gallery, shows her process for eroticizing service and also delves into just what it is that makes suspension so fun (hint: the answer is in the title of this post).

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