The Benefits of Being Sponsored by Genius's new premium gift serviceIt may be said that I spend a little too much time extolling the virtues of my sponsor, . There is the well-known fact that the sexblog world is incestuous, but I like to think of it more as “taking care of our own” – such as the generosity of Regina Lynn during my stay here in L.A., or the camaraderie of people like the Queen of Spain or Melissa Gira or Viviane. And that’s just a recent few – in the past, even before I became a c-list kink celebrity, I’ve enjoyed the hospitality of Violet Blue, for example, who didn’t need to give me the time of day but made my initial visit to San Francisco an absolute joy.

These are good people.

But Monk. Monk is special. Monk is family; he is my brother that I should have had, and he is someone who could call me right now and say “I need you in Seattle!” and I’d be out the door hitchhiking up the coast in a second. Likewise, when my own life fell apart last January, he was there with a safe haven of family and unobtrusive support, giving me both work to occupy my hands and a place near the heater to share my pain. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have this man as my friend.

That being said, he also is my sponsor for the Ropecast. I do my best to pimp his stuff wherever I can – wearing his colors to the Blogworld party, for example, and handing out cards with his site on them. Spreading the gospel of love & orgasms through rope…I’m Guy Kawasaki to his Steve Jobs.

Now this could be difficult, if he were an idiot. If he tried to sell the equivalent of the Cube, for example. But he doesn’t. Instead, he maintains and increases the quality of his regular product, comes up with new products that are devious and pretty, and then comes up with things like this.

We want. We want stuff like this, stuff that is not only kinky but is…well, it’s not luxurious, but it’s not seedy, either. There’s a whole attitude about Monk’s business that reminds me of, say, Krispy Kreme or Harley Davidson. It says “Yes, we are more expensive, but that’s because we care about what we produce, and we’re not going to make you pay for the fact that we look good, too – just pay us what we’re worth, and we’ll let the rest speak for itself.”

It makes it easy to pimp his products where ever I go. And it makes me feel good to know that I am not just giving back ROI, not just helping other people find joy and intimacy through rope, but I’m also helping my brother fulfill his dream.

That, my friends, is family values.

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