Corrections and Points Made

How embarrassing. I put what I think is a provocative link & comment in the previous post, and what do I find the next day but that what it actually linked to was a picture of me and Leo Laporte. Which is, I have to say as a geek, way cool, but at the same time not the point I was trying to make. The link has been fixed, and the comment makes much more sense now.

I also had an interesting email from one of the people mentioned in that article, who politely requested that the link to her site be removed from mine. I don’t quite understand why (waiting to hear some explanation of her reasoning, just for my own curiousity) but of course I removed it immediately. It was a good opportunity to practice what I preached at the Ethics panel – that being the necessity to allow people to choose whether or not they are associated with the kinds of things I talk about.

So I removed the link, and it will remain removed no matter whether I hear from her or not. But I do hope to have some clearer understanding of why there is, again, such a stigma to consenting adults doing things with each other.

Meanwhile, I’m here in L.A. visiting Regina Lynn, and having a mini-vacation. Hoping to hook up with some rope friends, like Nytemagik and the Rope Addict, but main priority is spending tomorrow at the beach looking at the ocean.

And for those who keep wondering about the 10 Commandments of Kink, they are coming– I actually want to pitch them to either the Dominant View or Power Exchange Magazine first. I read them to Regina over breakfast, though, and she laughed a lot, so it looks like it will be worth the wait.

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