Contest: Breakfast with a Sex Writer

Life here at Regina‘s Sexblogger Compound is everything you would expect – daily massages by dancing houri, turkish coffee served in the steam room, constant high-def surround-sound high-quality porn projected on the 17 plasma wall screens, only interrupted by the hurried consultations given to the sexerati connected to Regina through her network of Sex Revolutionistas (I believe that is what the original model for the Shadow’s network was based on).

And, of course, breakfast. Which we decided today would make a good contest, so go here (pretty much worksafe, except that there are sex toys on the table. Regina and I will give copies of our latest books ( mine, Nawashi, available at , and hers, Sex Rev 2.0, available through Amazon ) to the first person to correctly identify (by brand and model) the sex toys visible on the table in this picture:

How many sex toys in this picture?

A word of advice: we are serious about brand names, and keep in mind this is a Sex Tech writer’s table.

And yes, I do realize that there is no rope visible. It was busy holding the 13 hot bi babes in position 35 of the Cybernetic Cama S00tr@ under the table, just out of view.

Speaking of which, I should probably move them on to position 36…

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