Fucked and Bound with Berlin and Derrick

It’s finally here. Or here, if you prefer.

Berlin Flying in Graydancers Rigging

Berlin Flying in Graydancer's Rigging

Both of those links are previews to the first shoot I’ve ever directed (and shot photos and rigged for). Chanta Rose, author of Bondage for Sex and Tycoon of the Twisted Factory hired me to come down and do some work on her Fucked & Bound site. It was a rough week for models – the ones scheduled weren’t able to make it, most of the time, and the ones who made it ended up ill. That’s another story, though – the fact is, for this first shoot, when the scheduled model cancelled, the Fabulous Mz. Berlin was willing to take up the slack for us.

(Note: for me, this is kind of like being told you get to go on stage and jam with, say, the Wet Spots, which would be really cool, and then when you get there, you discover it’s actually the Rolling Stones who are going to be on the stage with you. An order of magnitude higher in the spectrum of Awesome.)

It was an intense shoot. I had to adjust to a few of the conventions of shooting bondage porn as opposed to doing live performance or a scene, and Derrick, Berlin, and the Twisted Factory crew were patient with me. But I got to rig in some really tight, inescapable (well, after a couple of pointers from Berlin, inescapable) bondage.

The thing about tying Berlin? She makes the rope look better than you imagined. In fact, in the first pose, perched on top of a platform, her vintage dress, stockings, and amazing expression just took my breath away. It was like going back in time and slipping into Irving Klaw’s skin, only better because instead of a black and white Bettie Page I got a full-color sassy sexy redhead. The best shots are actually inside the update, not the preview, but this woman made it hot.

Of course, that’s just the bondage. This was porn, baby, and on Fucked and Bound that takes a man’s man with a hard cock, a deep voice, and a ready hand. I’d noticed some great chemistry and interplay between Derrick and Berlin in prior shoots, and I asked them to play that up – and they did, in spades. I think one of the greatest moments came in this scene, on the little phone bench – you only get a taste of it at the end of this video clip, when Berlin says “thank you” after another mind-blowing orgasm:

Berlins intense chemistry with Derrick shows through the lens

Berlin's intense chemistry with Derrick shows through the lens

I have to tell you about this moment – it was absolutely silent on the set. I remember Berlin asking “Can I please have a moment?” The energy that was in the room made you feel like you were swimming in electricity. Derrick had pushed her, in pain and in pleasure and she had made him work for his dominance, which made it all the more powerful when he brought her there.

Maybe I’m gullible. Maybe they’re just really good actors, and it was all faked. But I was there, and it seemed real to me. And Chanta’s videographer was really, really good at capturing those moments – and there were a lot of them.

Eventually I hope that the tutorials I shot at the Twisted Factory with Krissy Leigh and Cherry Torn will also be online. Meanwhile, check out Fucked & Bound, and remember, if you do sign up, let ’em know Graydancer sent you – maybe we can get more shoots like this one.

Berlin gets fucked by Derrick Pierce while suspended

Of course, there’s one thing that is kind of amusing: with a shoot I directed and rigged here, and another that I rigged for here, both being the most recent updates…aren’t I sort of competing with myself? You tell me: which shoot is better?

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