Review of Banging Rebecca by Alison Tyler: Too hot for Amazon!

So I just finished “Banging Rebecca” (don’t I wish!) and thought I’d actually post a review to Amazon. Much to my surprise – and VERY quickly after I submitted it – my review was rejected. I’m still not sure exactly why…but fuck ’em if they can’t handle the word “cunt” when I’m writing a review. Here you have it, in it’s original and uncensored form.

I’ll get the one thing I didn’t like about this novella out of the way first: safer sex. There isn’t any mention of it in the whole shebang (see what I did there?) and as a sex-educator that’s a little disconcerting.

But I got over it, because DAYUM, this has some very hot stuff. Outside sex. Bondage. Impact play. Dominance/submission, all set within the kind of conflicted tangle of emotions and desires that really accompanies that kind of play. There is a real story here, with conflict, with foreshadowing, with character development and everything else English Comp teachers teach us about. But it’s also dripping with (and built by) amazingly rendered sexual encounters, one after another, building up to the surprising and satisfying finish (see, I did it again!).

It’s a short read, yes. But it’s also full of scene after scene of cock-throbbing cunt-drenching sex, so if you’re in for some wank material, this is the best deal you’ll find. If you’re just looking for a good story, though, it’s also just a good buy.

Oh, and Alison? I’m a pretty experienced BDSM educator and enthusiast. So thank you for a new idea that I can’t wait to try out…

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