Joi Presenting at 1763 This Weekend

Reading through the ARA lists I found this announcement: Joi will be presenting on bondage at 1763 in Atlanta this weekend for “Stations of the Cross”:

Joi has been involved in the community for over 2 years . Bondage, rope, Shibari etc have been a focal point for her. Having the knowledge of both sides of the ropes gives Joi an interesting perspective. Joi also is a fetish/ bondage model who loves to create art in her images conveying the beauty in bondage and the lifestyle.
Presentied/taught at: Shibaricon ’08 teacher’s assistant to Morpheous , Stations of the Cross, Atlanta Bound 09′, Frolicon 09′


Joi represents something that I see as a promising trend in the community: classes on bondage that are taught by people with a lot of experience on both sides of the rope. Not that I think you have to be a bottom to be a good top – no, I just think that there’s been a lot of focus on the “top” skills without an acknowledgment that the bottom has skills too. Lee Harrington has been proof of this for years, as has Mollena (and kudos to the Shibaricon planners for including her class at the 2009 event).

We’re still a long way from parity – and really, that’s ok too. I’m just glad to see more people like Joi sharing their knowledge. I only got to scene with her once, after the last Leather Leadership Conference, but it was one of the most fun bratty try-to-escape scenes I’ve ever had.The woman knows what she’s doing in the ropes, and you’d be lucky to catch her class if you can.

Find out more about Stations of the Cross at 1763’s website.

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  • Thanks Gray! I enjoyed playing with you too, but I told you that! Thanks for the plug.. Stations is a great time for all kinds and types to come out and learn a little about a lot!


  • Howdy,
    I realize this isn’t the best place for this request, but I didn’t see anywhere else to put it. I was wondering if you could send me any images you may have from the House Of Shadowfind. I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

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