Help save Cleis

Some disturbing news via Violet Blue :

"Publishers Group West is the largest book sales and distribution company in the US — it is the distributor that my publisher, Cleis Press, uses…in in 2002 became part of a behemoth book distribution company called Advanced Marketing Services. AMS filed for bankruptcy, and as of December 29, 2006, all assets were frozen and are now held. So even though book sales were terrific last year and PGW (and all the publishers they distribute) had a great year, the book publishers’ money now belongs to the court."

"I have now received emails on this topic from friends who run publishing companies who have laid off their entire staff. Happy New Year. Say goodbye to small publishers. Only the big boys are going to make it."

"if you’ve ever loved a Cleis book, have ever wanted one, or appreciate what contribution this indy press has made on the world — from queer culture to sex-ed books to erotica — buy a book from their website this month. Or three — not surprisingly, Cleis is now having a sale, buy three get one free, with free shipping."

I did. I now have:

…on their way to me.

So, just spreading the word. Anyone who values free speech and free press in this country, now’s the time to put our money where our minds have been…

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