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How much effort do you put into planning a scene?

I’m in the process of putting together a "crying" scene. That is, my sub and I have been talking about what is needed for the next scene we do, in extensive negotiation. Part of this has been to find out from her what different kinds of corporal activities inspire in her.

There were some surprises. For example, any kind of kneading or "ass-punching" feels selfish to her, because she likes it. When that’s being done, she doesn’t feel like she’s giving anything to me, she feels like I’m doing things for her. Spanking, on the other hand (heh) she doesn’t enjoy for the sensation; it hurts, after all. But she values the connection it brings between us, because she feels she is enduring it for me. Same for the paddle, though there is less connection for her there; she feels that it is just painful, stingy, and not fun.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, this is stuff that I found out through sitting and talking with her, and taking notes. And now, when I need to come up with a scene that will include a good cry, it is very, very useful, especially in terms of figuring out the pacing, the order of events for the scene.

Not to say I will follow my outline exactly–as I teach in my classes, no plan for a scene survives contact with the submissive–but it really helps to have an idea of what different things will inspire in her. It’s one of the benefits of having long term playmates; you get to play with the variation.

And what does the picture have to do with that? Nothing, really, aside from being a picture of another very nice ass and an amazingly flexible model. Enjoy.

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