Upcoming Workshops at A Woman’s Touch

I’m not sure how soon A Woman’s Touch will get these online, but here are the class descriptions of my workshops on the 20th. For a Milwaukee class email awt.milwaukee2@gmail.com or call 414-221-0400.:

Knotty Thoughts: the Eroticism of Rope

One of the most common fantasies of both men and women involves the idea of rope on the body. Join Graydancer, a rope artist from Madison, WI, as he introduces you to the safe and sensuous use of rope in your erotic play. Ranging from fantasies of damsels in distress to the hot fetish fashion, this class will help you add a exciting new toy to your bedroom–and beyond–and give you the skills to use it. Best of all, the rope is included!

Even Knottier: Erotic Rope Play part deux

In this intermediate class, Graydancer introduces you to the exciting aspects of power exchange, erotic bondage, and the sensual aspects of rope harnesses. Taught in a friendly, humorous style, you’ll learn how to engage your partner in the hot possibilities a simple length of rope can offer, using your imagination and fantasy along with the safe and practical skills gained in the workshop. Designed for people with some basic experience in rope play, this class is the perfect sequel to the “Knotty Thoughts” workshop.

Graydancer (www.graydancer.com) is a rope artist, sex educator, performer, and activist living in Madison, WI. He has taught and performed all over the U.S. including Shibaricon and Kinky Kollege in Chicago, the Austin Ropecraft Symposium, and the Folsom Fair in San Francisco. His online show “the Ropecast” ( http://www.ropecast.net) has been enjoyed by thousands of listeners worldwide. Graydancer will also be performing as part of the “Fetish and Comedy” show at the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee on January 19 ( http://www.myspace.com/fetishandcomedy ).

Probably, if anyone wants to, they could call AWT and get on a list of people interested, and when the framework gets in place, they’ll let you know.

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