Lost Entries…and SABRINA FOX!

Unfortunately, in the process of upgrading my WordPress Blog, I’ve lost every post I’ve made before this. Plus you’ll notice the sidebar is kind of verklempt, and there’s probably other problems I don’t know about either.

Never fear! I have the database backed up, and I know a few different ways that I can actually get the shtupid thing to work…just haven’t figured it out quite yet. Meanwhile, let’s get on with some of the stuff that I really actually wanted to do today: writing about Sabrina Fox.

Graydancer & Sabrina Fox at Spankfestival

Graydancer & Sabrina Fox at Spankfestival

Now, aside from being an unforgettable play partner (the pics from our time at Spankfest last year are still amazing) she and I were, at one point, competing for a job. Now, let’s take a look at the qualifications:

  • Experienced Riggers: yep, both of us
  • Experienced in running scenes: check, both of us
  • Well-known in the community: well, slightly different communities, her being fetish star with thousands of paying fans, me being a podcaster with thousands of fans accustomed to free content…but so be it, check!
  • Experienced directing porn: Neither of us, much, though she had been directed in hundreds of shoots and I had…um…shot some modern dance video in college…
  • Amazingly Looks, Charisma, Camera Presence and the Ability to Star In As Well As Direct Any Shoot: Ummmm…my girlfriend likes the video I made with my Mac webcam…and there’s Steam & Mr. Danger…ummm…

OK, fine, you get the point. The fact is that Sabrina is not only as qualified as me to direct great bondage porn (ahem, give me my small illusions), she comes with even more assets (and yes, that’s right, I’m talking about that in all senses of the term) than I could ever bring.

And you know what? That’s fantastic! Because it means that she is out there working and making some really incredible stuff, doing exactly what I described: directing, producing, rigging, and acting in work for many different companies (and no, I’m not going to tell you who we competed for, because really? It wasn’t a competition. It was like the Olympics: I was honored just to be there).

To give you an example of her work, take a look at one of the recent updates on Wired Pussy:

Sabrina Fox and Maggie Mayhem on Wired Pussy

Sabrina Fox and Maggie Mayhem on Wired Pussy

Maggie Mayhem is a local lifestyle submissive who is very experienced with BDSM, but very new to being in front of the camera. In this shoot she is suspended in the air and fucked deep with an electric dildo, flogged, fisted, made to cum, tied in difficult predicament bondage, and shocked on her pussy, nipples and ass.

Take a look at some of the other images, too: binding against a wall, full suspension (btw, I love the isolated framing of this shot!). Not to mention little bits like fucking her with an electrified dildo, or fisting her with her own elegantly manicured hands.

In the film industry, they used to call people like her a “Triple Threat”: being able to sing, act, and dance altogether. I know, because I am a triple threat – come to a performance of Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies sometime, you’ll see.

But Sabrina is something different – she’s a true professional, and if the word wasn’t laden with so much other meaning in our community I’d call her a Master of her craft. As it is, let’s call her a Renaissance Woman of Bondage: able to do it all, and do it well. The Wired Pussy update is just one of many you’ll find both on Kink.com and from the Twisted Factory sites (though you may have to follow her Twitter to know which ones of those she rigged, directed or starred in).

Keep an eye on her, though. This rigger has a lot more great work for us…

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