As Promised: a Perfect Ten on Everything Butt!

Now, while I love my brother Lochai a lot, we don’t share everything. A love of kilts, yes, of rope, yes, his wife, occasionally, but he’s really into things like watersports and enemas that I just don’t share.

However, today is also his birthday, and I happen to know that it’s possible we’ll share something else: Ten’s perfect ass as a proxy for our birthday spankings.

As you may remember, on my 40th birthday this was the target of my birthday spankings. She ate up those spankings, and everything else I threw at her, with a joyous abandon and an eager hedonistic appetite.

Lochai’s expanded that appetite a bit when he took her on his new site, Everything Butt. And what’s nice about this site is that even if, like me, you’re not really into the whole enema scene you also have things like rope involved. Not to mention pleated skirts, pretty nipples, and best of all the interplay between Lochai and Ten.

Happy birthday, brother. And Ten? Nice work, dear – you rock.

In honor of his birthday, I am releasing the completed audio book Jujun (which includes a character based on Lochai) completely free via!

Well, ok, all the books there are free, and I actually released it a couple of days ago. But he is in it! Really! You should listen to it, after you listen to Nawashi, and then prepare to buy the book, going on sale August 15th.

Because that’s what pervy sukebe’s do, baby…

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