A Touch of Kink with GodsGirls

As a big fan of J.C. Hutchins, I was impressed when he got his own pictorial for Suicide Girls (no, not him, a couple of the SG’s languishing about nekkid and frolicsome with his book, Personal Effects: Dark Art. There are other heroes of mine – Brad Warner, Mur Lafferty – who do columns for SG which bodes well for it becoming the online successor to Playboy; I would, in fact, read it for the articles.

At the same time, I’ve heard enough rumors about exclusivity contracts, about its rep for being feminist being a tool in and of itself…and to be honest, the site itself just has this avaricious quality to it – not a “Yeah, we’re hot, we’re nekkid, you could give us money and we’ll get more nekkid, or not, whatevs…” but more a “HAWT! US! WE’RE SO COOL! Only a total DWEEB would not give us money – in fact, if you’ve read this far, and you’ve not signed up, then we don’t WANT you! Get lost, loser! Don’t darken our pixels with your scrawny little clicks again!

Ok, maybe I’m projecting. Or reading too much Mark Morford. Or both.

Anyway, I just find that I like the atmosphere of Gods Girls better. Don’t get me wrong – neither will ever be my first choice, for the simple reason that I tend to like more rope and less youth in my hot onscreen action. Does this mean I’m going to look away? Um, no, definitely not. These are beautiful women, sometimes shot by photographers, sometimes shooting themselves – and if you look closely, you see a touch of kink here and there. For example, there’s Erin’s shoot, called Tear Me Apart:

In case you’re wondering, when Rita Seagrave teaches her GangBang classes, it’s to help fulfill fantasies like these. Gods Girls doesn’t shrink from the bit of fiery wax play, either:

Click on the pic for more Kayla Jane

Click on the pic for more Kayla Jane

So yeah, there’s plenty for pervs like me who like a bit of pain and effort mixed in with their pictorials. And unlike a lot of indie porn sites, they don’t use “we’re indie and alt” as an excuse to forget about things like lighting and composition. In fact, while no one will believe it because I’m a white male, I actually appreciate some of their pictorials for the aesthetics of line, tone, and composition:

Plus, there’s boobies. That’s fun, too.

UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this review, Annaliese sent me links to three galleries that feature rope on GodsGirls. While I don’t have previews for all of them, here’s thumb images – you might enjoy them:

One thought on “A Touch of Kink with GodsGirls

  • Sadly, July was my last column for SG. I’m looking for a new gig, but it doesn’t look like GodGirls does as much text content as SG does. Did. Whatever.

    But thanks for the mention, and thanks for the link, GodGirls looks hot.

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