Global MicroBrand

I’ve been playing around lately with the idea of being more involved in promoting Rope Weekly and myself, Graydancer. Part of this has been the success of my minx and her podcast and also reading articles such as this one (thanks, Bacchus). Here’s a quote, from the comments:

“The Global Micro Brand is so much more than being self-employed or even putting yourself on the web. It is all about finding the one thing that makes you dramtically different, that one story that you can tell better than any one else. The beauty is that we all have that power to do one thing really well and gather an audience that is looking to hear that story.”

Part of the difficulty is the fact that Rope Bondage is obviously a niche market; and that’s as it should be, I don’t want to have everybody coming to Shibaricon, only cool people like Goose & Gander.

But I think that there is more than just cool ropes and such to what I talk about; half the time I’m talking about art and authenticity and connection and relationships and jealousy and such (and that’s not even when I’m a guest host of Polyweekly). And then when things like this pop up, (I’m SO proud of Claire!) it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, there is a possibility for me to have my own microbrand. I don’t have to be big one; I just want to do what I love, and see if I can show the magic to other people, too…

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