I could just cry…

…at the frustration of trying to get my Birthday Podcast out on time. It ain’t gonna happen; tried two different takes this morning, and neither one worked at all. So I’ll try to get it done tonight.

I did get a copy of Vanity Fair, to see the ropework that Claire Adams did, and while it’s beautiful, I’m pissed that they didn’t give her credit there on the page for rigging. Makes me wonder if she is, too.

It also brings up another dilemma I’m in right now, minor, but still dilemmic: a friend of mine, Alyska, worked with me and my minx on a shoot called “Viviane in Red”. Alyska has, in my opinion, the best eye that I’ve ever seen in a fetish photographer, and thanks to Rope Weekly I’ve known a few.

But for this particular shoot, it wasn’t just me rigging and her shooting; I had come to the shoot with sketches of the shots that I had envisioned, and she caught them, as well as quite a few incredible pieces that I hadn’t even imagined. And even the ones I did come up with looked better than I’d expected.

The thing is, the ones that are modeled after the sketches…I feel some ownership towards them. But I don’t want to steal any of her credit, and judging from Vanity Fair, even when the rope work is there right in front of you, only the photographer gets the credit. And with an upcoming show in Chicago on the 25th of March, the problem of credits is gnawing at me. Maybe “Conceived and rigged by Graydancer; Photography by Alyska” would be a good compromise.

Regardless of it, the photos are fantastic; as soon as minx gives the go-ahead, she’ll be posting it in her gallery, and I’ll be sure to let you know.

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