A list of resources…

Thanks to a helpful listener, DJ Sirkut, I’m reminded that I really need to put up my list of rope-bondage resources that I mentioned in my show.

http://www.ds-arts.com – skirts perilously close to “kimono-boy” status but Jimi’s quiet dignity and scholarship saves it.

http://www.japanrope.com/home.html : Has some great photo tutorials. I hear the rope is good, too, but obviously I’m biased towards twistedmonk.com .

http://www.bdsm-chicago.com/cram/index.html is my friend Mortis’ site–kind of raw, but it has a lot of great basic info on knots, etc.

http://www.kinkyropes.com/tutorials/tutorials.php great place to find more interesting knots than the basic square knot (and besides, this guy thinks the square knot is the root of all evil.

Finally, a flashy (literally) site that is really chock-full of a lot of images, tutorials, history, etc.:http://www.immortalshibari.com.br

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