Entries for the Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway

It started as a trickle, but it’s been growing and growing and now there’s one or two a day: people who are wanting to get their chance at the first $50 Gift Certificate for Twisted Monk Rope that we here at Ropecast Central are giving away.

And what are these entries, you ask? Well, they’ve been in many forms. Such as nifty ideas:

My idea is such (and could work for a male or female getting tied up): birthday boy or girl tied to a table spread eagle. Candles (wax play option for those who want it!) set around the body and the birthday cake set on the tummy of the boundee. Optional additional frosting decorations, or rope belt for holding in the vibrator in appropriate places. :) – Mildred

There are the poetical types:

There once was a submissive from Lear,
who held his rope collection quite dear.
He loved puppy play
not for the cage where hed stay,
but for the seven birthday parties a year.


There are the literal-minded types like model Kari Marie:

It may not be as exciting as wax play and birthday cake, but dammit, it’s still birthday bondage.

And then there are those like Ganymancer, who went through a whole suspension scene with yours truly and then wrote about it quite eloquently, as well as contributing pictures:

Ganymancer, um...ganymancing?

Then there are some who know me well, old-fashioned guy that I am, and just went on ahead and sent boobies:

Batty Janice Bound by B.Playful

They’re all creative, and they’re all getting entries into the drawing, which will be held at the Cleveland GRUE pancake brunch on Sunday, March 21. But if you don’t make the GRUE (and really, that will make me very sad) you won’t find out if you won here. Or anywhere else online, ontweet, onblog, etc.

You’ll only find out if you listen to the ROPECAST. And that’s also where you’ll find out the theme of the next month’s contest…because that’s right, as soon as this one’s done, we’ve got another $50 Gift Certificate to just give away.

See? You ask for free rope, I give you free rope. Next time ask for something hard, like a stable poly triad, or a telepathic dom…

Send your entries to graydancer@gmail.com, or call in to the Ropecast Hotline at 608-432-KNOT!

2 thoughts on “Entries for the Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway

  • There was an old gal from St. Lou
    Who didn’t know what to do
    For a long weekend stay,
    to celebrate her birthday,
    So she went to the SD GRUE!

  • “Next time ask for something hard, like a stable poly triad, or a telepathic dom…”

    How about a stable poly triad that includes at least one telepathic doms in it AND at least one perfect, non-SAMmy submissive?

    Well, you asked for hard…

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