Last night, a special kind of joy: listening to the creak of the jute as her legs pulled against the bonds, as her hands flexed and twisted, not exactly trying to get away but just in reaction to the sensations I was giving her.

The sound of binding and passion and sex.

Let me share with you the amazing mashup that accompanied much of our activity last night. It’s long, free, and awesome: Girl Talk – All Day.

Afterwards, she snuggled in and smiled at me. “You look so cute,” she said. “You get that intense look on your face.”

“Cute?” I puzzled. Fuzzy ducks are cute. “Cute and intense aren’t words I normally associate with each other.”

“It’s like Miranda says,” she explained. “Fuck it like you’re trying to kill it.

If that’s the cute intensity I have…I can live with that.

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