Zen Garden open

The Zen Garden has its first contributions, from Noel Graydon (rope by Midori, model Felina, what a way to start!) and one from Monk and my dear Purple Nimue.

Remember, we are going for the ineffable here–the pics that not only get you in the crotch, but somewhere deeper, somehow resonating not only in the sexual but in the aesthetic pleasure centers.

Also, the full interview with Melissa Gira, in it’s unedited fullness, is now available. However, it is 84 mb, so if you don’t have a fast connection, better leave it be.

Speaking of unedited glory, notice that the original Nanowrimo piece I did last year, “Nawashi” (a slightly better title than the original, “Sex Mages of Beloit”) is available now in the sidebar. Enjoy it as much as you can…it’s rough, but it was fun to write.

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