Rope Weekly Show Notes, November 14, 2005

New Podcast up: Rope Weekly 11.14.05

First off: you may be too late, but might want to check if you can still make it to the Rope Symposium, and be sure to pre-order your hemp from Twisted Monk!

Jack Elfrink offers some good solutions for dealing with tangled rope.

Mortis has great new photos at his site.

New vidcasts:

  • Noel Graydon offers “VenomHaus“, a vidcast too hot for iTunes.
  • Ms. Kitka also continues high-quality programming
  • Suicide Girls offers yummy commercials for their products, I mean, people
  • Violet Blue has a new twist on the vidcast: erotic slideshows

Feature interview with Melissa Gira of Sacred Whore

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