You Demanded, She Delivered: Ms. Behavin’s Boobies

Well, the votes are in: 39 people took the survey asking the question “Would you like to see more of Ms. Behavin’s Boobies?” She was convinced that the majority of the responses would be “Don’t Care” – and, to be fair, there was one person out there who did, in fact, say that. While we are hunting down and destroying that person, let us meanwhile satisfy the other 97.4% of the survey takers and provide you with images of Ms. Behavin’s Boobies, with her compliments:

And several people were kind enough to share comments on their wishes for the aforementioned boobies:

1.    MMMMM……..
2.    saying you’ve seen to many boobies is like being tired of the sun coming up- DRMSTD
3.    Oh my yes! They’re lovely. 🙂
4.    Very nice boobies. Need some decoration though, perhaps some nice rings or perhaps just barbells.
5.    There’s no such thing as seeing them too many times!
6.    In the world of boobies, Ms. Behavin has some of the best!
7.    There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world and it would be a shame to hide hers.
8.    fantastic!
9.    They’re luscious. I would LOVE to see many, many more. Thank you, Ms. Behavin.
10.    A wonderful pair, and i would love to see more of them.

While she vetoed the suggestion of “barbells”, she did decide to try out the Deluxe Nipple Clamps recently sent to me by Extreme Restraints. I’ll be talking about them on the next Ropecast, but let me just start by saying: just look at them. Are these not great Steampunk Nipple Clamps?

Nipple Clamps courtesy of Extreme Restraints; Nipple courtesy of Ms. Behavin.

Nipple Clamps courtesy of Extreme Restraints; Nipple courtesy of Ms. Behavin'.

Anyway, more pics of the clamps, the nipples, and a half-nekkid Ms. Behavin’ are up now at the Gallery, so enjoy!

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