Unsolicited Breakfast Boobies of the Day

This morning I got a rare treat – in fact, it’s the first time it’s ever happened in over a year of dating. I got to make breakfast for my very own Ms. Behavin.’ For those of you who ever followed my LiveJournal, I used to post pictures of my various breakfasts, occasionally with people in various states of deshabille. I don’t do LJ anymore, but I do sometimes post pictures of breakfasts to my flickr page, and I decided this one was worth a picture.

Much to my surprise, she decided to flash me as I took the pic, saying “There! Those can be your Unsolicited Boobies of the Day!”

Have I ever mentioned this woman is way cool?

Ms. Behavin's Breakfast Boobies


Incidentally, I told her that people would be glad to see them, and her response was “Eh, people are tired of them. They’ve seen them so many times…” I heartily disagreed, and we decided the only way to solve this is…a survey! SoClick Here to take survey and make your voice known

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