Yes, but will there be rope?

I’m really glad to see, in light of the recent moralistic purge that seems to be sweeping the land, that some of the most intelligent minds I’ve ever read or talked to are taking action. Specifically, twelve of NYC’s finest sex bloggers are going to be doing a pinup calendar:

“…to support Audacia Ray’s Sex Work Awareness Project. We are some of the New York area’s best and brightest, and we want to see the stigma associated with sex work and workers removed.

Audacia Ray



Elizabeth Wood

Jamye Waxman

Lux Alptraum


Rachel Kramer Bussel


Sinclair Sexsmith

Tess Danesi

Twanna A Hines

Now, I’ve met a few of these Wonder Women in person, and read their articles avidly. And considering that some other friends of mine were recently accused of sex work that they (in my opinion) didn’t even do (I’m sorry, but for THAT, you’d have to pay a LOT more) every bit of money and attention to the cause helps. I confess, I wish it wasn’t limited to just the NYC bloggers – my own personal favorite sex worker advocate/writer is in Ohio – but that can wait for next year, I suppose.

So, for right now, here’s what you can do:

  • Buy a Day with their very simple  buttons. Or a calendar (pre-order). Or a calendar and a day.
  • Tell other people about the blog. They’ve already got a hot pic of Masuimi Max on the page…this is going to be a fun project to follow.
  • Decide for yourself that that’s not enough, and go and donate to the SLDEF to benefit Mistress Ardenne’s fight to keep stupid people from preying on the Rapture folks.
  • Decide that even THAT’s not enough, and donate more to the NCSF.
  • Tell all your friends about it, and then go have an orgy to celebrate what’s left of your sexual freedom in this country.

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