Why I do this.

This letter made my morning. Hell, this letter practically made my year:

“Hi graydancer:)

I am a lisener from sweden, and I could not pass on the offer you gave on your last podcast, the book you wrote.

I would really like a copy of the pdf book.

now when I already have your attension I would like to thank you for your podcast. After some time of being a bit ashamed of this fetish (my first attemts of introducing rope to my girlfriens resulted in me being called a freak) I got some curage through your podcast. I found out that there are inteligent “normal” people that enjoy rope. So I tried again with my latest girlfriend and as you can guess, she loved rope but was too afraid to tell me about it. We are now married and have a beautiful 7 month old daughter:)

So thank you for my sex life being what it is, even if we have never met.


Podcast coming out later today – it’s recorded, just gotta stitch the pieces together.

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