Mistress Matisse Goes a-Podcasting…

Mistress MatisseI’m lucky enough to call this person, along with members of her poly family, my friends. So how delightful is it to find out that she’s going to be sharing her rare wit and wisdom (and deadly snarkiness, lest we forget!) with the world in her very own podcast!

This first episode is a “proof of concept” – but it proves it quite well. She talks about needing bumpers, or intros, or even phone calls, but really? She’s got the one thing that is needed with any podcast (and is sadly missing from most): content. She talks eloquently and concisely (no small trick) as her sexAY co-host reads her questions, and addresses them both personally and as they would apply to a wider audience.

Got a question for Mistress Matisse?

“I also have set up a 1-800 voicemail number so ya’ll can call and leave a voicemail, and then I’ll play your actual message on the podcast, and then answer your question, or mock you mercilessly, whichever seems appropriate. That number is 1-800-519-6198...Do NOT call this number to ask me about anything confidential, because by leaving me a message at the 1-800 voicemail, you consent to having it played on the podcast.  “

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the podcast at our mutual podcast familias, libsyn.com.

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