Why Ask Why? Because It’s About MORE Than Just the Sex…

I don’t know why I’ve not really mentioned it, but I’m going to be travelling up to the cities this next weekend as part of the "Sexy Spring" celebration. I’m really honored to have been asked to be a presenter there, though not in my usual motif – nary a rope in sight. No, I’m teaching "Hot Bondage", a class on coming up with scenes, going with the flow, and dealing with aftercare.

The ropes will be taught by Lqqkout, and you can bet I’ll be sucking him dry – of knowledge, that is, since he’s promised to teach me the takate-kote that he learned in Japan. Odds are we’ll end up doing some multi-person bondage, as well, and I’m also looking forward with glee to a chance to play with a certain yoga afficionado I’ve been talking to online for what seems like FOREVER.

Meanwhile, speaking of people who are looking to expand their sexual horizons, can I draw your attention to first the wonderful Melissa Gira’s Sexerati, which asks:

"So what, then, would break through the internet wasteland of sex, where scandal passes for conversation and teaching people how to have an orgasm (so long as we don’t track your IP or tell your blogroll) and not get HIV is still seen as the apex of sex education?"

She’s calling for a raising of the social conscience of sex bloggers, and I have to say I agree. When I suggest to a very liberal friend of mine who organizes podcamps that he should include sex bloggers in any panel about video on the web, and he immediately jumps to calling it "porn" – well, that’s an indication that even the most intelligent of the technorati are having some difficulty getting past the puerile rush of "boobies!" and into the fact that sex is worth talking about.

Speaking of which…here’s some lovely boobies, courtesy of the aforementioned yoga instructor…

Um…where was I? Oh, yes! One of the best talkers out there is Andrea Zanin, the Sex Geek (check out her new digs!). And it’s not by coincidence, I think, that she also calls for a more in-depth investigation not into just what we’re doing – but why:

"…this is a different kind of “why.” This is about wanting to understand a person’s motivations and turn-ons, not about wanting to determine whether or not it’s the “fault” of their upbringing or the “fault” of their genes."

I won’t quote any more – because you should go and read their blogs, and see what is really going on. Sexerati also has a great vidcast, "The Future of Sex", as well.

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