On the subject of “Don’t Try This at Home”

While I’m always quick to recommend sites such as Hogtied as a way to get into the nitty-gritty of how ties are done (you eventually reach a strange state when all you see is the rope, and when someone points out that there’s a gorgeous woman involved it’s actually quite a shock), I have to give a bit of a disclaimer.

Don’t try this at home. Or, to put it another way, don’t expect it to work.

Let me put it another way. A long time ago, my girlfriend was going to be in a leather fashion show. One of the other models, as part of her exhibition, did a classic stripper move, an inverted headstand on a guy’s lap as he was seated in a chair. From a bio-mechanical point of view, it’s not that hard a stunt. I remember whispering to my wife, "I could do that!"

She whispered back "Yeah…but you don’t LOOK like that when you do that."

So when you see neat ties on Hogtied and other sites, sure, you can try binding the arms behind the back, or putting them into a difficult hogtie, and that’s fine – the basic principles are the same regardless of the body. But don’t expect the elbows to meet, don’t expect to be able to hang them from their ankles. Try something gentler, and remember that it’s not about the rope or the posture – it’s about you and the person you’re with, top or bottom, and the connection you make.

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