What I’d Like to See Under the Tree…

Last night Ms. Behavin’ and I gave a rather impromptu performance at the Inferno. My usual model for the takate-kote/suspension act had just gotten new ink on her back, and ropes were not going to work there. I grabbed some green and gold MFP, my Lifeline from Twisted Monk (ok, forget everything else you read about on this page, and bavarian blonde is what I’d really like to see under the tree). I bound her hands in gold, wrapped the bright green in bands over and under her breasts (let us pause for a moment of reverence as we contemplate the wonder that is Ms. Behavin’s bosom…) festooned with large gold-star pasties, and then used the red to do a quick karada down around her torso.

And then…to the cheers of the audience, another performer came out with a box of ornaments and tinsel and we proceeded to hang them on the dear trussed woman, and may I say, she made quite a lovely sight. So I suppose that should be number one: a bound and decorated burlesque dancer.

Two, there’s Mr. Naz’s new book, L.A. Bondage. I first became acquainted with Dave Naz’s pics when I was an afficionado of the new hot website “Nerve” (before it decided to cater solely to the New York hipsters). I saw a pictorial of his “panty” series…and while I’m not a big fan of panties myself, his images were raw and colored in a way that just seemed to ooze sexuality. Finding out that he’s got a whole book filled with his take on bondage is quite exciting – though I’m also very curious to know who his riggers were, or if he did them himself. Judging from the preview pics, whoever did it was quite good (and yes, I do see some pics that make me think I know who did some of the rigs, but I won’t embarrass myself by trying to guess).

And the last thing? Well, it’s not exactly under the tree…but the gift of porn, the right kind of porn, can certainly be the gift that keeps on giving. And it’s almost certain that you can find the “right kind of porn” on one of Kink.com’s sites. Of course, for rope afficionadoes Hogtied and Water Bondage are old favorites; however, you may not know that Wired Pussy also often has some great ropework.

Sex & Submission SamplesBut a certain woman I refer to as “the Complication” is rather enamored of a certain type of porn, that being the kind that is featured at “Sex & Submission“. So I’m going to dedicate this particular gallery to her, and trust that she’ll enjoy it in exactly the spirit it is intended.


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