Oh, that makes sense: No Orgasms for the Mancow

Global Orgasm DayI confess, I’m too much of a curmudgeonly skeptic (yes, even with all the energy stuff I talk about) to fully buy into the “Global Orgasm for Peace” concept. On the other hand, if me and my lover(s) having an orgasm at about the same time on December 22 might help effect change…well, I guess that’s one I’m willing to take for the team.

What I find appalling, though, is the fact that on the Mancow show, apparently the idea of adults having pleasure for anything other than puerile reasons seems to be verboten:

“As I waited on the phone for my cue, I listened online to the show, which was all about sexual innuendos, the guest musician who slept with Mancow’s girlfriend, whether men can be raped or not, fart sound clips, the usual talk radio guy stuff. Then the screener gets back to me and says the producer has said they can’t talk to me because of the word “Orgasm”.”

— from the Global Orgasm Blog

Just…stupid. Nothing irritates me quite so much as hypocrisy, and the idea that something as innocuous and good as “Global Orgasm Day” is offensive to a show like the Mancow’s is just…stupid.

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