We Ain’t as Edgy as We Think

We aren’t. In fact, we’re dangerously close to becoming mainstream. When movies like Avatar actually have decent rope bondage, and movies that could but don’t (ahem, Ninja Assassin, anyone?) flop, it’s becoming pretty evident.

And two of my friend from Mexico, Munsterprince and Gatita, recently posted some more links to what I will loosely call “Rope in the Media” (with a nod to Polyweekly). First, there’s the cover to the new album by Susana Zabaleta:


Not great ropework, no, but it’s hot, and shows more thought and inspiration than, say, a Dudley Do-Right cartoon.

For some really good ropework, check out the corset at about 1:45 in this Kelis video. Methinks someone got hold of Shibari You Can Use, you think?

And just as a teaser, a few weeks ago I got an unexpected call out of the blue from a friend who’s come to some of my workshops and gotten to know me via the web. Seems he was on the set of a soon-to-be-released major motion picture, where he’d been asked to bind a Major Celebrity. Yes, major, and no, he’s not a professional – seems they had been trying to do the rope, it hadn’t been looking right, and so they contacted the local kinksters and as the resident Rope Guy he got the gig.

I’ll be interviewing him soon on the Ropecast. But the fact is, if you’re in this game because it’s transgressive and taboo…you might need to find a new hobby. Because it’s becoming more and more accepted and enjoyed by, well, everybody.

Me, I think it’s a good thing. I like being one of the cool kids for a change….

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