Updating Class Descriptions

I’ve been remiss in updating my Shibaricon classes, and it’s turned into a bit of challenge: I have to limit the class descriptions to 100 words. So here are the updated class descriptions – see what you think:

The Defining Moment

New to the scene and unsure of what you want? Or a veteran jaded and trying to renew the magic of rope?  The Defining Moment is a practical approach to getting what you want out of kink. Rather than “I want to do what HE’s doing” we’re going for “I want to FEEL what they’re feeling.” Whether you want to tie for sex, for pretty, for pain, or some combination, the focus will be on how to get to what you want to do, using resources that you already have. Learn to find your defining moment, again and again.

Flying on the Floor

A great rope artist once said “if you can’t make your sub fly on the floor, you’ve no business putting them in the air.” Suspension? Who needs it? We’ll explore techniques to give a great experience to both top and bottom without frames and carabiners. Using basic bondage principles we’ll learn how to layer the ties in a ever-building web of sensation and tension, letting those endorphins take the sub flying with no fear of dropping. Part demo, part discussion and brainstorming by subs and tops alike, this class is a great way to start your Shibaricon.

I get to be bookends: first class and (I hope) last class, or at the very least second to last. If you’ve not registered, there’s still time: http://www.shibaricon.com.

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