Extreme Restraints: I Sing the Ropeslut Electric!

I’m very glad to announce that I’ve been asked by Extreme Restraints to review a couple of items that may work well in our rope-ish endeavours:

The Deluxe Digital Powerbox electrosex toyThe Deluxe Digital Powerbox is going to be my foray into “electrosex” (which is what you call it when you’re not into medical play and “TENS” units and such). I’m actually more familiar with this kind of thing from a massage thingy that my former slave used to have. I’m interested to see how it can be integrated into a scene, providing some involuntary muscle stimulation. It can be made to feel like a massage, or a kneading motion…how about punching? Slapping? Or for that matter, what does it actually feel like?

wired pussyKink.com has a whole website devoted to this kind of thing, Wired Pussy. The gallery shows an interesting combination of rope and electrosex and other toys (obviously a huge dildo is what I need to ask to review next). I was encouraged to see that you can, in fact, use the patches on some of the more obvious places that I’d want to explore. I find myself watching videos like this one very closely, to see if I can identify the involuntary muscle twitches that might be happening. It’s going to be a tool of layering sensations.

And to go along with it, they’re sending me a Sex Swing Stand, and I’m to evaluate it’s suitability for suspension. I’ve been cautioned to remember “It’s designed for SEX SWINGS“, and I recognize that dynamic loads are going to probably be a bad idea. For a static suspension, though, I think it will be fine – I’ve used similar swings at other events, with wonderful results. There’s also a pic of a suspension Midori did on a frame like this, a sort of inverted swan dive, that I love and have replicated with Abby.

Stay tuned to the Ropecast for live reviews of these products, and to hear about a special discount for listeners, as well, on all the Extreme Restraints products.

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