Unsolicited Boobies are Back!

Many thanks go to Lupo and Calliope, a couple of Ropecast listeners and also fans of Nawashi and Jujun. They made my morning with a beatifully accessorized little image of her lovely left breast. One thing that I especially have to compliment her on is her nipples – they bring to mind the fact that even with a purely aesthetic viewpoint, one of the wondrous things about boobies is that they are so individual. Which is why, while there are “standard” ways of tying breasts with rope, I personally believe it is a mark of a true rope artist to treat every new bosom as a blank canvas, and bring out the beauty inherent in them, rather than trying to force them into following some book’s specific model.

And remember the wise words of my fellow Oklahoman (and rope artist) Will Rogers: “I never met a breast I didn’t like.”

Incidentally, the Debauched Diva recently wrote about the “Myths of a Sex Blogger” and included the fact that, as much as she enjoys cocks in theory and practice, unsolicited cock photos is not her favorite thing to find in her inbox (no pun intended). I understand this, not being terribly aesthetically excited about cocks myself, but it makes me wonder why no one I know minds booby photos, but nobody likes cock photos…and, to my knowledge, ass shots are rare and pussy shots are almost unheard of. Am I wrong in these assumptions? And more to the point, why? It may be the aforementioned lovely variety of nipple, curve, and shape; it may the common mammalian instinct.

Inquiring minds etc…

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