U is for Uniform

20130424-185753.jpgMany people assume that because I have prior service, or because I teach a class on military style bondage, I must be a uniform fetishist. I’m not; when I put on cammies or dress blues I don’t go to happyfunsexy place, I become Lance Corporal Miller again, defending the shores of California against the Communist threat by going on yet another dreary working party. I’ve considered wearing other uniforms, but honestly I can’t even get to the point of trying them on – it just doesn’t feel right. I’ll be charitable and say it’s because I haven’t earned the right to wear their emblems.

So for a long time I didn’t think I would ever really be able to do more than have vague cargo-pants & black-t-shirt type uniform. Maybe look really evil, and have a “Blackwater” logo embroidered on a polo shirt – that IS scary.

20130424-185429.jpgThen my friend RiggerJay, a proud member of the 501st Legion, gifted me with a hand-me-down uniform and belt. I bought the cap myself, and discovered that yes, there is a uniform that I can truly fetishize. As a member of the Emperor’s Interrogation Corps, it is my duty to ferret out the enemies of the Empire, one Rebel Scum at a time…

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