Two of my Favoritest People…

Madison Young and Claire Adams. Together. With bamboo and rope. More than that, you don’t just get to see them in all their glorious hotness posing; no, the geniuses at Cybernet have let you peek behind the scenes and get a glimpse not only of the stills, but of the rope work in video.

I’m doing a Keanu-esque "Ahhh-haahhh-haaaa…" just thinking about watching Claire work Madison over. Satisfies on just so many levels.

And I would have a podcast for you all, but I’m afraid it didn’t record when FaerieRing and I were in the hotel room…so her mellifluous voice will have to wait. But I’ll get it up there soon, promise.

In other news: aside from the upcoming show at the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee on January 19, 2007, I will also be teaching two workshops on January 20 at A Woman’s Touch in Milwaukee. Minx and I have also been accepted as presenters at the Leather Leadership Conference in Minneapolis in April. We’ll be presenting on "Citizen Kinksters: Building Community Using New Media Tools."

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