A Good Night at the Cardinal

Last night was the first of what I hope will be many fun fetish nights at the Cardinal Bar. I was at first pretty discouraged, as the crowd was very slow to form, but by 11pm I’d tied my first victi–er, volunteer, a rope virgin named M. Our negotiations were adorable:"I’ve been, you know, tied up," (hands and feet spread wide) "but never, you know, tied up," (body huddled close). I did a traditional chest harness on her, and then some pretty improvised lower-body work using some of the D-rings built into her dress, turning it into a bit of a hobble skirt.

And that seemed to kick the evening off. Had a fairly rough (for a public bar) take-down rope scene with Alegra, which was just what the two of us needed, and which both intrigued and intimidated the next volunteer ("I just want to be tied up!" she said. "None of, you know, that scary stuff…") I started easy, with a chest harness made her already-magnificent bosom even magnificenter (yes, that’s didn’t used to be a word, but after that tie, it became necessary). She kept asking for more rope, and the addition of a matanawa left a big smile and then tying her knees together started her giggling as she hopped around with her friends.

I did a quick scene with SlavetoPurple, a sensual karada (it had been too long!) and then came the one down moment of the evening…looking over the happy dancing crowd, seeing my rope mixed in among the fetish wear, and suddenly really missing minx, wishing she were in service to me right then.

But there was rope to tie, and M, the first tyee, came back, dissatisfied. Apparently the rope was too easy. "Contort me!" she demanded…so, with some arm binders to start, I put her in hair bondage, did a little agura action, and then, when she was a twisted little ball on the end of the stage, we discussed the strangeness of being claustrophobic but liking rope. She decided to wiggle out of them, which took about 1/2 hour, but I realized that it’s much more fun watching pretty bottoms wiggle out of rope than to actually have to untie the knots myself.

Much more fun.

So if you’re here from seeing me there, thanks for making the evening a fun one, both my old friends and new…

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