The Switching Post

A new group for those weird switchy-types, created by two of my favoritest people in the whole world:

Are you happy on either end of a riding crop?

Do you find that you don’t care whether you’re tying or tied as long as there’s plenty of rope?

Are you master to some, slave to others, and sometimes, it varies from hour to hour?

You’re not alone!

I’m pleased to announce the revival of the “Switching Post”, a monthly discussion group for people who like to spend time on both sides of the power exchange. Join us for a discussion about all things switchy on the second Sunday of each month from 5pm to 7pm at a private home in Minneapolis.  Our next meeting is February 10th.  Please RSVP to me.  The discussion format will be similar to that of Subspace and Dom’s Domain, and no food will be served.

Feel free to join our yahoo group at

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