The Joy of Assymetry

…or, as MeganMarie the Co-Ho suggested I put it, “Putting the ASS in Assymetry.”

I had a fun rope scene the other night with Salomé, formerly known as “Raging_Journey” or “That Vanilla Chick” (so not true any more) and aka Ms. Behavin’ with Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies. I had a rough plan in mind – mainly revenge for a comment she’d made about my flogging a while back being “performance” flogging (she didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just needed an excuse to flog the hell out of her).

Anyway, as is my wont, I like to be somewhat surprising – to not do what she’s expecting – so I start with a bit of a diversion. She’s sitting there, fully clothed on the edge of the bed, and I bind her wrists together in front of her, a simple little two column tie, as she looks on, a bemused expression on her face.

I should add, Salomé is not your average ropeslut. She loves the feel of the rope to a certain extent…but she doesn’t need it in the way I need to tie, or the way some submissives feel. And that’s another thing – there’s nothing remotely submissive about her. She tends to be more of the “OK, let’s just see what it is you think you’re going to do to me…oh, tying my hands together? REally? Well, aren’t you just the cutest little rope dom…wonder when you’ll realize that you forgot to take off my shirt and bra first, oh, but won’t your face be interesting as you try not to let me know that you didn’t think of it…” See what I mean? She is sort of a voyeur-from-below.

But I am, if nothing else, creative, and I knew that this would be going through her head. So I rather quickly pulled her wrists up over her head, causing her to lay back on the bed, and tied them off to the bedframe. With no ceremony or “showmanship” at all, I reached down her torso and pulled her shirt and bra up to her neck, exposing her quite suddenly and getting a pleasant gasp-chuckle in return, an acknowledgment that I’d surprised her. I’d won this particular skirmish, but not the war – not by a long shot, and I was only saved from her ironic What’s next, dommy-boy? eyebrows by focusing on the delicious crinkled chocolates of her nipples.

However, I had a plan of action, and the element of surprise should not be lost. I put her feet into what is swiftly becoming one of my favorite ties – the Ankle Wrap. I didn’t think we’d actually get to enjoy the instability of that wrap with her on her knees, because I was heading into a different direction. As soon as the tie was done, I repeated the drag-and-expose maneuver – just grabbing the waistband of her jeans and pulling roughly down, exposing her and letting the jeans just pool around her ankles.

She was now, for all intents and purposes, naked – and more than naked, she had the added reminder of her exposure with the remains of her clothing adding to the bondage at wrists and ankles. It’s kind of like the whole Manet controversy – she was more naked, not chastely nude, because of the close proximity of her clothes.

But there’s exposure, and there’s exposure. I used my last length of rope to tie a quick line to the ankle wrap – and pulled it up to tie it at the same point on the frame as the wrists. This drew her legs up, thighs pressed against her chest (yes, it obstructed access to her gorgeous breasts, but one must make sacrifices in art and conquest, and this was both).

More to the point, it lifted up her legs and her ass to a point that was absolutely perfect to flog from the flaring of ass at the small of her back to the fading calipygian wonder of the gluteus fading into her creamy mocha thighs. I mean, as flogging targets go, it was all there, spread and glorious and I reached for the flogger –

– and she fell over.

Of course she fell over – that delicate balance, like all great art, was transient and ephemeral. And so we delved into the subject of this particular entry – assymetry. As rope artists, we tend to focus on symmetry – in fact, sometimes our bottoms demand ask for it politely because it helps them feel more balanced. It makes things seem to fit, somehow, because of the bilateral symmetry we have already.

However, as a good Top/Sadist/Master, it’s not always about what the bottom wants, or even what they need – it’s about what the scene requires. I could have rigged a nice little dual-line, pulling her legs elegantly up with both lines traveling nicely down to either side of the bed post…

Fuck that. I had things to do with that ass, and I didn’t have time to make the lines look nice. So instead we ended up with a slurry of lines trailing off to the left, wrapped around each other, her legs pulled slightly over to that side, and a single line going down almost directly next to her face to give a counter balance. It was rough, it was fast, the lines were taught, and at this point there was no attitude in her face – not that there was fear, but she was no longer in her comfort zone, watching the scene from a distance. She was in it, there with me, and she could feel the air passing across her labia and ass as the ropes held her exposed, upturned, and vulnerable.

Was that a glistening I saw there in the darker folds of pink? She was off balance, and the ropes had a disorder to them that added to the dilemma, none of the clear “this goes here, this goes there” of traditional bondage. No, this was simply “We’re going to hoist your ass up in the air and do what we like, babe, cuz you ain’t goin’ nowhere!

I picked up the flogger – a beautiful deer-and-elk combination – and make sure she sees it. Her eyes widened – just slightly – and I could see the conversations we’d had about my flogging technique (Oh, it’s just…you’re pretty when you do it, it has frills and just is like you’re dancing along…) and her realization that we were about to try and expand my technique.

“Be sure to let me know if this feels, well, too performative to you,” I said, congenially…and began to swing.

She, for her part, began to squirm, yelp, laugh, and definitely, without at doubt, glisten.

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