The Rumors of My Demise

We assume we can no longer get ropecast through itunes?? I downloaded from your site and tried to put it on my Ipod but it will not transfer over….any help there?“-SacredExchangeCouple

Never fear, iTunes has not abandoned the Ropecast. Since we moved from Podshow to Libsyn, however, we’ve had to actually put up another version of the podcast – this one at iTunes URL: .

But that’s kind of a pain, so just click on “advanced” in iTunes, and select “Subscribe to podcast”. Then use the feed address of:

…and from then on, no matter who I host with, you’ll be able to get the latest Ropecast.

Hope this helps – remember, you can always email me with other questions at .

NEWS FLASH:  I will be starting what is pretty much an international tour next weekend. First I’ll be at Kinky Kollege in Chicago, teaching Speed Bondage Techniques and the new Defining Moment class. Then it’s off to Blogworld Expo where I’ll be a member of Amy Gahran’s panel on “Blogging Ethics” (more on that later). A trip down to L.A. to visit Regina Lynn and other L.A. kinksters such as the Rope Addict follows, with a return to Vegas for some down time with a Very Special Someone before returning to Madison with just enough time to prep for a trip to Mexico the last weekend in November.

And I just heard rumors of a possible GRUE sighting in Michigan the weekend of December 8…more to come.

If you’re going to be any of these places and would like to arrange for classes, public or private, or just a meet-up for coffee, please let me know at

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