Law & Order: Criminal Intent

OK…I’m sitting here watching with Ms. Behavin right next to me…and ready to watch the episode that should be pretty interesting as it has rope bondage…

Not terribly impressive, to be honest…but they did have a few good shots.

Ms. Behavin thinks it’s ugly, actually. It is definitely the kind of thing that would be more for sensation than visual.

via twitter: Roxy_Harte: “L&O:CSI… goodstart …threesome …yum …oops dead girl still tied up. Why can’t rope lovers ever be shown as just having a really good time”

Ah…looks like it’s the old “I’m going to blackmail them with rope bondage and kinky sex.” Interesting that they don’t seem to talk about whether she was strangled with the rope or not. I can’t believe they don’t follow up on that angle – that type of rope tying is not that common.

Makes me wonder if we could figure out who tied someone based on the rope styles. A question to ask Artemis Hunter, probably, who just did a presentation on different rope styles (speaking of which, was I in that, Artemis?)

“I’m a writer, I drink…” Oh, Tracey Hickman would love that. He’s rather upset about NaDruWriNi (National Drunk Writing Night) .

Ok, we’re 1/2 way through the episode, and no more mention of the Japanese bondage stuff…wait…he’s noticing the ROPES ON THE PLANTS!! Here we go…yay!  Though it didn’t look like jute rope to me on the plants. Ms. Behavin thinks the wife did it…which would really make this a great show, if the rope top was the woman! Crossing my fingers…

Ah ha…she was strangled with the jute… I think it’s actually Tammi. NO, it must be Tammi’s lesbian girlfriend.

Ah…he can’t tie a knot…the kinbaku master angle is still important. How come they’re not exploring the underworld?

If he’s cheating on his wife, he’s not doin’ missionary the whole way…” Now, that’s an interesting statement.

Brutality of the murder…“  so…this is brutal? The ropes put in there to “frame” him is pretty interesting. It looks like it is a female rope top!

Well…not terribly impressed. But it was interesting that the ropes were the key that proved the guy was innocent. Other than that, it was just a matter of some  control issues…and honestly, that kind of misses the point of the rope bondage.

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