The Return of El Bondagero

He’s so mysterious that no pictures were actually captured of him at Shibaricon. So elusive that he only lasted chose to remain for three falls with Ms. Behavin’. But this Sunday (SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!) El Bondagero, the Kinky Mexican Wrestler,  returns as part of the UFC team “El Macho Muerte.” (None of us speak Spanish, so we’re not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds cool).

UFC stands for Ultimate Fetish Championship, of course. Medals will be awarded, there will be little-death matches, and even the dreaded cage-match pillow-fight. It all happens at the monthly Sabbat de Sade.

And yes, the model featured there on the poster, St. Abigail (STAB-igail to her friends) is in fact the savage13lossom herself.

St. Abigail at Sabbat de Sade

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