Sponsoring the ART of Rita

Rita Seagrave and I have come up with a rather unusual (we think) method to raise funds for an upcoming rope junket I’m taking in the first half of July. The itinerary goes:

  • TES Fest July 3-6 (N.J.)
  • Columbus, OH July 9-13
  • Philadelphia, PA July 14-18
  • Baltimore’s Erotic Art Festival July 18-19
  • Washington DC for private teaching July 20-21

During the visit in Columbus, we are going to continue the Ropecast tradition of Audio Rope Theatre (ART) by doing an entire scene recorded with sound and photos, to be released as part of a future ropecast.

Sponsor the ART of Rita!

Your Chance to Be in on the Scene:

You can become part of the scene by signing up to sponsor “the ART of Rita.” In the time-honored tradition of NPR, there are three levels of sponsorship, each with its own “premium”:

    Super Sukebe ($50):

You are a truly sick person, who wants not only to hear Rita bound, but also be a part of her torment. You can select a portion of her body (for example, “BOOBIES!” or “FEET!”) to be bound with a length of rope during the scene, and when the scene is done, that rope will be mailed to you complete with an signed certificate from Graydancer and Rita that this rope was, in fact, used for nefarious and knotty purposes and describing them in detail.

  • All sponsors will also get access to a special “sponsors only” gallery of photos taken during the scene, and be entered into a raffle to get the Twisted Monk camisole and hot pants worn by Rita at the beginning of the scene (the condition of said clothing is not guaranteed to be usable after the scene is done).

    Um, Graydancer, Isn’t This Kind of…Pimping Out Your Relationship?

    Why, yes, that’s exactly what it is. We are exhibitionists, and we love the idea of performing with the sound of our play going out to 7000+ listeners. We love the idea of them getting turned on by the sound. We especially love the idea that the sounds and sights of our play could fund the kinky travels of myself. Talk about an economic stimulus…

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