The Rearing Head of the One True Way

I had the following comment on my ropecast blog, in reference to this picture:

It looks like you are doing a Demo here so it is perhaps forgivable, but if my sub ever put it’s hands on my Rope to pull itself up to ease it’s suffering like your white knuckled model is doing here…I would feel it my duty to make it very, very sorry for doing so. It would learn, it would remember, and it would NOT repeat this error.

Now, there are a lot of ways to respond to this – I confess, my visceral reaction is an indignant and self-righteous “Who the fuck are YOU to tell me how to run a scene?” But let’s be gracious and polite and use scalpels to dissect this beast, not harpoons and clubs.

How would you respond to that? Does he have a point? Is there an “accepted” way to run a rope suspension/scene? Come aboard the R.P.P. Ropecast group in Fetlife and let me know your thoughts…

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