Sugasm #144

My “Anatomy of a Mindfuck” post made it into the new sugasm, but so did a lot of other great stuff. I especially enjoyed Audacia Ray’s encounter with the conservative world of banking and Marky D. Sade‘s introduction (to me, anyway, since I’m late for the party) to the joys of Backdoor Bondage. Enjoy!

Madison Young at the Bondage Barn

This Week’s Picks
Bush Rides Again: Birth Control Defined as “Abortion”?
“The reason you tweak laws, redefining them or broadening their definitions, is to create the opportunity for a legal climate in which challenges may better succeed.”

First Time For Everything: A Polyamorous Relationship
“The only real trouble with being a triad came from the world around us.”

Sex Work And Compassion: Panty Tree
“I will never feel shame for being a sex worker.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
I Meet the Business End of Citibank’s Anti-Adult Business Policy

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