The Osada Steve Drinking Game

At the party, my friends were also true to their Wisconsin nature (i.e., alcoholic) and came up with The Official Osada Steve Drinking Game. I say “official” because this has, in fact, been vetted by Osada Steve himself and is posted here with his permission:

Take a drink of your beverage whenever:

  • Osada Steve makes the model swing back and forth
  • Osada Steve tosses a rope away
  • A song from Moulin Rouge comes on
  • You must be drinking for the entire duration of oral sex being performed on the model
  • You must be drinking whenever Osada Steve is exposing the models pussy–but have two fingers in your glass as you drink it down

In addition:

  • You must drink a shot of hard liquor whenever Osada Steve spins his model
  • Any time the stage begins to rotate, you must pass whatever you’re drinking to the person on your left.

And one final precaution: Osada Steve reminds you that watching all three DVDs while drunk will NOT, in fact, make you a nawashi.

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