Osada Steve Viewing Party

Osada Steve binding Asagi AgehaLast night some friends and I watched two of the DVDs of Osada Steve that I got from Twisted Monk. I don’t see see the DVDs for sale on his site yet, but give the NerdyGrrl a call and I’m sure she can hook you up.

They are incredible. The speed, the grace, the intensity…mesmerizing. Asagi Ageha, his model (a link to a photo gallery of her and him done for waterbondage.com is at the left) is a world-class athlete in my opinion. The way she emoted and interacted with him made the video that much more intense. The fact that she’s also really hot didn’t hurt, either.

It was inspiring, and led to some ties that I’ll post tomorrow–including the newly invented “Peg of Damocles”! For now, enjoy the gallery, and get those DVDs!

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