Well, if you haven’t heard on the last podcast, my house was burgled last tuesday. Aside from some game consoles and iPods, the worst loss was my Powerbook. It caused the podcast to be delayed somewhat this week, but it’s out there, thanks to the amazing generousity of T-One (hereafter known as SAINT T-One) and CFXJosh and Leathermines.

And now I have to thank B.F. and N.E., both of whom contributed and actually doubled my current savings towards a new computer. It’s going to be a long haul–the new one will cost about $1800 for the config I need to continue to produce the show (but that’s $200 less than the value of the stolen computer, so I guess I shouldn’t worry) but every little bit helps, and just the thought that people do care and listen enough to help is…well, it’s humbling.

Thank you all.

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