Sorry for the lack of posts…

Rope Weekly has suffered a severe blow. Tuesday night my apartment was burgled, and aside from the entertainment basics of my Xbox and Playstation2 and iPods (mine and my daughters) they unfortunately also grabbed my laptop. My trusty 12″ Powerbook, which I’ve used to produce every single Rope Weekly in existence.

Thankfully, I have a friend who’s a Mac Tech, and he gave me an old TiBook to borrow. It’s definitely a warhorse, but it works, and should be able to record and update and keep things going. Eventually it’ll have to be given back, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to save for a replacement within two months or so.

Wanna help? Remember there’s always the “Donate” Button at the top of the Rope Weekly archive page. Or, you could go and get some gear from our Cafe Press store. Or buy Lochai’s new book Occupied from that page, and I’ll get a piece of the pie.

Or just let me know you commiserate–it’s not the laptop that’s most tragic, it’s the work I’d done on it, including the sequel to my novel “Nawashi” (which you can download for free right there in the sidebar to your right, no pushing, one per customer please). I’ve been able to recover bits and pieces, but unless I run across an actual full copy, there’s going to be a LOT of rewriting necessary…

Meanwhile, mosey over to Monk’s new “Exotic” line. I have to also take a little credit for the current Color of the Month, named after my favorite sex blogger and educator Violet Blue. See, a while back, Monk had about 200′ of a blue that he was going to send my way. I loved it–you can see the results in my “rehearsal” section of the gallery–and asked Monk if I could call it Violet Blue, in honor of her.

Admittedly, it was via email, but in my imagination he got that wicked, far off entrepreneurial gleam in his eye and said “That is a GREAT idea. In fact, it’s SO great, I don’t want you to say anything about it yet…I think we’ll work it into a cross-promotion with her and…” his voice would trail off into a series of those creative mumbles that people who work too hard get.

And the rest is history. I’ve already got mine; go get yours, before he runs out (and he almost always does, so hit it FAST).

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