Subtle Sadism

There are many kinds of sadists. There are some who just enjoy the laying on of hands, of whipping, spanking, and generally hurting. Hopefully they’ve found people who enjoy giving their bodies to be hurt, consensually, and happiness can be shared and enjoyed by all.
Claire AdamsThen there are people like me. Me, I’m really a nice guy. That’s why I like to share pictures of people like Claire Adams with you. Or, more specifically, with my dear friend T (of the infamous T&T pair). She’s planning her wedding right now, which is its own special kind of hell, as well as suffering while her fiance is out of town.

Poor girl is horny as hell.

Which is why I put up these pics. Not to make her feel better, you understand. But to make her even more horny, and miserable, thereby increasing my delight in her pain.

Subtle sadism. That’s the way for me.

Claire, by the way, is quite an inspiration as well. As you’ve seen from the gallery above, she’s able to take quite a bit of pain and extreme bondage herself. However, she is holistic, if nothing else; she is also one of the main sadists at Men in Pain. Not to mention a regular model for the incredible House of Gord.  I also got to take several classes from her and hear her talk at a panel where she told her history as a model…and let’s just say, her kink goes far more than skin deep.

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