Show Notes, and a Neat thing…

Rope Weekly for June 22, 2006 is up online. You can read the show notes here, thanks to Nerdy Boy!

Incidentally, there was an especially neat thing that happened as I was producing it. One of the steps after the ‘cast is uploaded to the server is to publish the RSS file. Nobody ever sees that; it’s just a file that various podcatchers like iTunes look at and know that there’s a new podcast up.

Seconds–literally, seconds— after I’d uploaded the RSS, I suddenly got an IM from an acquaintance I’d made at Shibaricon. “Hurrah! Another rope weekly, to cheer me up!”

Turns out that she’d just had surgery that day to remove a breast tumor, and was very glad to have something to take her mind off the pain. In fact, she compared me to Stephen Colbert and John Stewart, in terms of happy-mind-making content. Quite the flatterer.

So I just want to say thanks, TerrorLynn, for that compliment, and I gotta say it does me good to hear that this is not only being heard, but being appreciated for more than just the sound of my wife’s boobies rubbing across the microphone.

And, just for you (well, and anyone else who clicks), here’s another gallery of the inestimable Claire Adams at work on WaterBondage. Hope you feel better, dear.

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